Thoughts & Writings


I've had excuses long enough now, I'm getting this blog off the ground. There's a bunch of writings I'd like to share on various subjects. Most will be front-end oriented but I might throw in some hard learned life lessons, maybe some music production wizzardry and other nerdyness.

Don't contain yourself

Cleaner html with just a few extra lines of beautiful css


Finish before you start

Stop arguing with yourself once you're on the road


Solve issues by removing things instead of adding

Maybe not just a front-end thing


Let's make things that don't break anymore

Make future proof things


Making a super flex cardlist

The caveats, the solutions and the fun


The web is a fluid thing

So let it flow.


There are many roads that lead to Rome.

Being right doesn't mean someone else is wrong.


I should write things down

We're all in this together, so share what you know™