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There are many roads that lead to Rome.

Being right doesn't mean someone else is wrong.

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There's this saying that there are many roads that lead to Rome. And that's just how it is. But it's hard not to fight back once a thing I'm convinced of is under siege. Fire up twitter and there's tons of overheated discussion on subjects that really aren't that important to put this much energy in. Pixels over ems, git/svn, html vs javascript based sites, tabs or spaces..

Just to name a few. And yes I do have strong opinions on all of these, and discussing differences of opinion is valuable. But just "camping" and attacking "the other side" is not gonna get us anywhere. Let's begin to accept that we're all traveling to Rome. Rome being "the better web".

Some love will do the trick

This might be a little deep, but I think a lot of "burning down" is being done to prove to be valuable and to prevent arguments. No one will go pinch a growling dog right? But it's actually a garanteed trip into the rabbit-hole. By accepting and respecting each other, publicly value each other... giving each other some love, this need subsides so we can discuss things in a normal way.

Consider before you press send

When responding to heated discussion it might help to check where the other is coming from before you press send. One reason why people might voice their opinion with a lot of negative energy is because they want to protect themselves against criticism. (The barking dog) Getting in a discussion won't have any valuable outcome. Another reason to radically talk about something is actually enthousiasm on which turns into anger if someone else has another view. Always encourage positive enthousiasm. Try to respond to that first, and keep your point subtle.

Try to see what motivates the other and subtly try to respond to that or maybe even refrain from responding at all.

You might both be right

And then again: please always consider the possibility that the universe has allowed you both to be right. Neither of you wrong. Although you feel differently. There are, after all, many roads that lead to Rome.


Stop burning each other down, start helping each other out. A little love ♥ might do no harm ;-)