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We're all in this together, so share what you know™

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The web is for sharing. Sharing is in it's core, it is it's spirit, it's the flux capacitor of the web. For years I've had dozens of ideas worth spreading™. So Why didn't I share them? I've hidden them behind simple excuses: "I have no time to sit down and write the perfect articles", "Can't find the right type", "The design for my blog is not perfect". It still isn't. But to begin, begin, right? So here we go.

Marc Thiele wrote something some time ago about a little Sublime Text bug. Probably meaningless to a lot of people but I use Sublime Text extensinvely, was on deadlines, switching projects and pretty annoyed by the bug. Marc's fix just came at my path because he shared it. Simple example about a technical issue. But there are a lot of things

There's something Natasha Lampard wrote about coriander. Bastian Algeier shares his ideas, vision and knowledge. Brad Frost shares a lot of his findings, tools and methods. All people sharing their ideas and knowledge that helped me proceed at a certain point.

It's great to consume and enjoy all this shared knowledge but your own struggles, victories and defeats can be just as valuable for someone else. Go write things down. "Work hard. Don't be an a**hole. Share what you know".

I have a bunch of writings on various subjects that I'd love to share. These next months I will do my best to share at least one subject every week. Poke me if I'm getting off track ;-)