Things I'm Proud of


Websites & designs that I'm proud of. Some are made as frontend dev at Reprovinci, other things for my own clients as Art & Flywork which involved both design & development.

@reprovinci / tags: frontend,nexys-cms is a bold website for a construction company in Gouda. We worked out a characteristic and bold design for their new website. I did frontend development.


@reprovinci / tags: frontend

At Reprovinci I had the opportunity to work on the new Metalflex website. I like the clean layout of the site in general, but what I most liked to work on for this website was the mobile menu. It was quite a challenge to built both the small screen and the large screen menu from the same markup. But it worked out really well. I love how the split screen looks and behaves.


@reprovinci / tags: front-end,css,templating,interaction

Muzieum is a museum that let's you experience the world as if you were blind. At Reprovinci we've set them up with a totally new identity and campaign. I've worked on the front-end of the website and had a lot of fun doing so. I really like the homepage for the surprising interaction.

In Het Begin

@artandflywork / tags: concept,design,development,kirby-cms

For Henk Rothuizen – a former preacher, church leader and currently inspiring writer & speaker – I created a platform for sharing knowledge and inspiring articles as well as offering services. 'Nadenkers' are weekly short incentive articles that form the core of the site. Articles are the longer and more in-depth readings and a large archive of sermons.

Marjolijn Padmos Fotografie

@artandflywork / tags: design,development,kirby-cms

Marjolijn Padmos is a lovely and talented photographer for wedding & familie shoots. She had specific wishes for her website and together we worked out a website that was both easy manageable and met her wishes.


@reprovinci / tags: frontend,nexys-cms

A great concept and design of beloved co-workers is always a joy to work with. Kasifood is a cheese product manufacturer. At Reprovinci we did a complete redesign. Concept by Ewout, design by Lusanne and most of the frontend by me.


@artandflywork / tags: concept,design,development,kirby-cms

Ecopower is a company investing in sustainable energy solutions. They have projects for sustainable energy, waste treatment and water all over the world. I designed and created their website. It's built to be lightweight: In the market area's like South America a stable internet connection is rarely the case so we needed a good balance between visually attractive and lightweight.

The site is built from the ground up with Kirby. Kirby is fast to begin with, and easy to build with so that helped to achieve the site targets.

Say Yes To The Dress

@reprovinci / tags: webshop,frontend

Say Yes To The Dress is a unique webshop for bridal accessories. At Reprovinci we did design and development of this webshop. I was responsible for frontend development.

SRS Personeel

@reprovinci / tags: website

A yellow website. Yellow is so underrated. I love yellow :-)
This site is a bit older. Some tweaking has been done to it, not all as fancy as I wished, but the site still is one of my favourites. I love the mobile menu animation. It tells how the web should work: It should flow and push to make space, top down and LTR or RTL (depending on our localisation).