Musical content of questionable quality

I've been making music since a kid. I wouldn't dare to say that I've made anything that'll bust the charts. But I just love the creativity, the energy it gives. I also strongly believe that making music can be a key activity to de-stress a nerd-brain.
From 2008 - 2011 I've been so fortunate to work as assistant engineer in the studio of my good friend Dennis Waakop-Reijers & Tiësto. I'm infinitely grateful for all that I've learned in that time! Thanks guys ;-)

Software & Gear

Spider in the web is Ableton Live. Digitaly complemented with the Arturia V-Collection, the Waves Element synth, some cherry picked Waves plugins (API, Scheps, some One Knobs to get things going quickly) and flirts with various other plugins. Whenever I get to mixing, every channel gets slammed with a Slate Digital Virtual Console strip but if I'd had the money I'd buy some sort of a mix rack or at least a summing device. Trust me, it's worth it!

There's something magic with touch real instruments and being in touch with your creation. I'm so fortunate to have some synths, guitars and amps. My beloved Martin DC16, Fender Stratocaster, Yamaha DX27, Korg MS10 and some less noteworthy gear. Especially an analog synth like the MS10 can help you understand what's going on. Then whenever you get back to your Sylenth1 you actually know what you need to do to sharpen things up!


Some relaxed tracks. Lot of "real" instruments – DX27, MS10, Marshall amps, Novation Nova, guitars – complemented by mountains of digital shizzle mixed in Ableton Live.

Things – Featuring Marc Anderson

Projects done with Marc Anderson. We never really finished this pop-rock-electro kinda thing. We should!

The beauty of it all

Guitar fiddlings.

Silly Me

Silly stuff really.. But I LIKE IT! Lot of experiments with synths, modulators and filters.